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The Hellenic Religion of the Dodecatheon

The Hellenic religion is a traditional religion, as opposed to what is called monotheistic religions (or, according to Spengler, cosmopolitic religions of the late antiquity).
Other traditional religions are, for instance, Hinduism, Taoism, the Northern Tradition (including Odinism, Asatru and Vanatru), Druidry, Northern Buddhism etc. These traditional religions, in our view, are not nature-religions; on the contrary, they all stem from an extremely high level civilization that ended abruptly with one major catastrophy, namely the Cataclysm, that took place around 10000 b.c. We identify this high level civilization as the Golden Generation (race) (according to the poet Hesiodus).
Traditional religions are, in this context, the remnants of this civilization that survived within each and every local regeneration of civilized human societies. In this sense, all traditional religions share the same truth and carry identical beliefs. Interestingly, the whole of the truth was not preserved equally in every ethnic tradition. For example Hinduism has excellent knowledge of the Genesis of the Cosmos, but did not preserve accurately the part concerning the evolution of the Psyche (Soul) in the Divine level. There are several unimportant differences among them, seeming from the differences of ethnic character, mentality, language, environment, etc. We believe that each ethnic tradition suits best the specific ethnic group that preserved it through the centuries.
In the Societas Hellenica Antiquariorum, we observe the Hellenic religion, but we do not hesitate to borrow whatever we do not have, from other traditions. As an ethnic religion, the Hellenic religion opposes all monotheistic religions, because they tend to create their own ethnicity, and destroy traditional ethnic basis.
The Hellenic religion is a true religion because it provides answers to the final and extreme questions of Man: What is the Cosmos? Where does it stem from? What is the fate of the Cosmos? What is Man? Where does he stem from? What is the fate of Man? What is a God?


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