The Hellenic Religion of the Dodecatheon




All human beings have not attained the same level of evolution; this is just a fact of life, because each person is unique and advances at its own pace and will. But all human beings are of the same value; the wise shall regard the immature, for instance, as himself before his enlightenment. Since the ultimate target is the evolution of the whole World, of all the souls, humans should help each other.
Moreover, if all beings were of the same"dynamic", evolution would be very difficult, if not unachievable; but since beings are of unequal level, the ones of higher level have the moral duty to help those of inferior level, because they visualize the end condition of the evolutionary process and appreciate its superiority. The Gods too, perform precisely this task, by helping man in his struggle towards higher achievements. There is an inherent tendency for Man to love (and consequently try to approach) conditions of superior level. Therefore, the very essence of the law of Love, which guarantees harmonious relations between beings, can be understood as the necessary condition for universal progress.


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