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The concept of reincarnation has several philosophical benefits and advantages over single-life theories. A short account of the advantages will be given here.

- Inequality and injustice are rejected by all. Every soul has the right and opportunity to live a great wealth of experiences, both of happiness and suffering.

- The essence of the human experiences is learning. Man should learn through the events of life and of course improve his shelf.

- That is why the famous stoic philosopher Epictetus said:

"After a theatrical performance nobody says: this actor played the king, what a good actor, this one played the beggar, I don't appraise him; thus after your death the Gods will say: he played well his part, or he played it badly".

- One shall accept his "fate" because all is occasional. Love to all beings is something required as all share the same journey; no real reason to hate exists.

- Premature death is no more an insurmountable injustice.

- Reincarnation gives hope, especially for handicapped people, or those who lose beloved persons.

- The "bizarre" phenomena which find their solution with the reincarnation theory are innumerable: people who have persistent memories of events they never lived in their present life; people who speak languages they never learned; people who regard others as inexplicably familiar etc. We shall also speak of the gifted children who play musical instruments and pieces that were never taught to them, at very young age.

Generally speaking, all people have not the same skills, talents or merely tendencies, they are not of the same maturity. The character of each person is shaped in the course of a series of incarnations. Nothing positive, no spiritual conquest of man does perish between incarnations. But the great advantage is that one makes a new beginning without the burden of old acts, neither remorse, nor arrogance of a glorious past.


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